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Can I Use Recordings Of My Children As Evidence In My Family Law Case?

In high conflict parenting cases, there is sometimes the temptation to include video or audio recordings of the children or exchanges with the other parent.  It’s understandable why someone might want to do this whether it’s to protect themselves, collect evidence or prove a point.

Usually when people hear about the admissibility of secret (surreptitious) recordings, it is in the context of criminal law. There are protections against the police using wiretaps or other techniques that invade a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

However, in family cases, which are civil proceedings rather than criminal proceedings, there are different considerations for admissibility of secret recordings.

What does the court consider before admitting a secret recording?

Parents will often ask us if recordings can be used in court, in other words are the recordings admissible as evidence?

The overall concern is the best interest of the child, so any evidence that

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Introducing Stowe talks podcast series 2

Our Stowe talks podcast series gives you access to expert advice from some of the best divorce professionals in the UK.

In series two, family lawyers Matthew Taylor and Liza Gatrell are joined by special guests to explore issues including economic abuse, pensions and divorce, handling fear and uncertainty, overcoming loneliness and post-separation abuse. 

With guests, Rosie Lyon, Ceri Griffiths, Tosh Brittan, Claire Macklin (nee Black) and Caron Kipping. 

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Dealing with post-separation abuse 

Divorce coach and domestic abuse specialist, Caron Kipping explains what post-separation abuse is, its impact, how to build the right support team, the power of reframing, and how to focus on what you can control to help build a positive future.

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Surviving economic abuse 

Domestic abuse survivor, Rosie Lyon, explains what economic abuse is, the red flags, the support available, particularly in the banking system, and how people can safeguard themselves

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What are the Different Type of Bankruptcy

What are the Different Types of Bankruptcy I can file? You’re sitting at the kitchen table, staring down at all collection notices that have been piling up in your mailbox. You begin to wonder how on Earth you’re going to make things work.  Maybe you just had a hospital visit and lost your job. And then you realize you might have to declare bankruptcy.  What are Different Types of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy isn’t a decision to make lightly, but it might be your only option. It’s important to know exactly what filing for bankruptcy in Montgomery, or wherever you live, actually means and what the different types of bankruptcies are in order to make the most informed decision. 

First, what is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy, simplified, is when you go before a judge and tell them you can’t pay your debts. Depending on the situation, the judge will either erase your debts or make a plan for you to

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What is an Uncontested Divorce

What is an Alabama Uncontested Divorce? In an uncontested divorce you and your spouse have worked out issues between yourselves; so no trial is needed. This is cheaper and faster than a traditional, contested divorce. This is because you can avoid the expensive and lengthy legal battle.  What are uncontested divorces in Alabama

There are a few requirements for an uncontested divorce in Alabama. You must both live in Alabama. If your partner lives out of state, you must have lived in Alabama a minimum of 6 months. You and your spouse need to have agreed on a reason for your divorce. After you file for divorce you will have to give a legal reason as to why the marriage is ending. Alabama’s ground for divorce includes fault-based reasons. These are claims that your spouse committed certain kinds of misconduct, as well as two no-fault grounds: you and your spouse can’t live together as a married

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Can I Get Divorced Quickly & Easily in Alabama

Can I get a divorce quickly and easily in Alabama? If you and your spouse are both in agreement regarding your marital dissolution, then the quickest and easiest way to get a divorce in Alabama is through an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is a divorce that occurs when both spouses come to an agreement addressing all marital issues. Get Divorced Quick and Easy in Alabama

This means that both spouses agree to the divorce, and also agree on what they want to do with their marital assets once the marriage is dissolved. Once the agreement has been signed by both parties, they need to file the divorce with the local court. Reaching an agreement before you get an attorney will often make the divorce process go by much easier. 

Uncontested divorces in Jefferson County are much faster and cost much less than a contested divorce. The main reason that uncontested divorces are less expensive is

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