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What Factors Do Courts Consider When Deciding Child Custody AL

What factors does a judge consider when determining who gets awarded custody of the children? A contested divorce is stressful for everyone, so the judge will make a decision that is in the child’s best interest.  Types of Custody Factors in Alabama

Judges look at both parent’s ability to meet children’s basic needs, those being the children’s health, safety, and welfare. Judges will look at whether one or both parents’ ability to handle a child’s special educational, medical, mental health, and other needs. 

Judges will consider how well the parents have previously worked together to establish a parenting schedule. Additionally, they’ll be on the lookout for indications that each parent is eager to help their child develop positive ties with the other parent. In a custody dispute, the more amicable parents will frequently prevail.

Prior to the divorce in Birmingham, the previous parents’ interactions with their kids will be taken into account. Judges will consider how

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Why are AL No Fault or Uncontested Divorces so Easy and Simple

What is a No-Fault or Uncontested Divorce, and Why is it Easy? The simplest and easiest divorce is an uncontested divorce. In a divorce that is uncontested, both parties agree on all of the divorce’s terms, including the division of joint debt, the division of marital assets, spousal support (formerly known as alimony), child custody and visitation, and child support. The couple presents a document to the court that details their agreement, settlement, or stipulation.  Why are uncontested no fault divorces easy

The divorce might be finalized as an uncontested divorce in Cullman County, or anywhere else, if the couple can come to an agreement on every matter. Though state laws differ, a couple without any conflicts simply puts their agreement on paper using forms, independently, or with the assistance of an attorney or other professional. The judge will approve the terms if both parties have informed the court that they agree to them. One quick

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How do I get an Adoption Started Today in AL

How do I get an Adoption started in Alabama? Adoption is a legal process that allows a person or couple to become the legal parent(s) of a child who is not their biological offspring. In Alabama, there are several steps you need to follow to start the adoption process and become an adoptive parent.  How to get an adoption started

Determine your eligibility: In Alabama, you must be at least 21 years old and have the physical, emotional, and financial resources to provide for a child in order to be eligible to adopt. You do not have to be married to adopt, but if you are married, your spouse must also be involved in the adoption process.

Choose an adoption agency: There are several adoption agencies in Alabama that can help you through the adoption process. You can choose a private agency or a public agency, such as the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR). It

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What Are Online Divorces in Alabama

If you’re looking for ways to keep costs down and make your divorce less stressful, finding an alternative to the traditional court process is necessary.

What Is Online Divorce

Using an internet service to guide you through the divorce process is known as an online divorce. This includes putting together the divorce documents, writing the divorce settlement agreement, and submitting the paperwork to the court. These services eliminate any uncertainty surrounding your divorce. The service will fill out the paperwork you need for your circumstance and advise you where to file it based on your responses to an online interview or questionnaire.  What is an Online Divorce

Is Online Divorce Right for You?

Online divorce is suitable for “uncontested” divorces. When both partners wish to end their marriage and agree on every aspect of it, the divorce is said to be uncontested. The division of property, assets, and debts, whether one spouse will pay

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What are Differences Between Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy? You’re not alone if you’re unclear about the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Both Chapters 7 and 13 provide debt relief choices, but they approach it in different ways. Which one you can go after will depend on your particular financial situation.  Difference Between 7 and Chapter 13

While Chapter 13 bankruptcy is frequently referred to as “wage-bankruptcy,” earner’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also referred to as “straight bankruptcy.” Once the debt is paid off and the bankruptcy is dismissed, both might give filers a new financial start. However, neither choice enables you to escape from paying certain taxes, child support, or alimony.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, often known as liquidation bankruptcy, enables those who make too little money to make ends meet and have unsecured debt like outstanding credit card balances and medical bills to get rid of it. No debt

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