Month: November 2022

How to overcome loneliness after divorce

Anyone can experience loneliness. Whether alone or when in company, we each have different reasons for feeling lonely. However, if chronic or long-term loneliness is left unresolved it can begin to impact on our mental health.

Divorce or separation means letting go of some areas of your life that are no longer right for you and brings inevitable change. This can cause a blend of feelings including loneliness.

What causes loneliness after divorce?

Reasons for feeling lonely differ widely from person to person. However there are some common factors often brought about by divorce or separation:

  • Separation from your children – the end of a relationship often means separation not only from your ex-partner, but from your children while they spend time with their other parent. In a relatively short space of time, you can go from living all together and seeing each other daily, to spending longer than you’re
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The cost-of-living in an abusive relationship

While financial tensions and pressures are a common factor in cases of domestic abuse, the increased pressure caused by the UK’s current cost-of-living crisis is having a considerable impact on people in abusive relationships.

Just last month it was reported that the cost-of-living crisis had already led to ‘unprecedented levels’ of women reporting domestic abuse. While Women’s Aid recently proposed an Emergency Domestic Abuse Fund to support survivors and shield them from the worst of the cost-of-living crisis.

The connection between financial strain and abuse

Financial hardship is known to increase the risk of physical, emotional, and financial abuse, but simultaneously also means many domestic abuse survivors believe that they can’t afford to leave the financial security of their abusive partner. With consecutive rises in the cost-of-living and further rises predicted, future affordability is also uncertain. The combined effect is that those experiencing domestic abuse are effectively trapped in their

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