What Questions Should You Ask During Your First Meeting With A Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s not always easy to know what to do when confronted by legal issues. Of course, one might argue that this is the whole point of the legal system. People can’t be expected to have a full understanding of the complexities involved with the modern law system. However, there’s another side to this as well. Things have gotten so complex that one will often find himself uncertain as to how to proceed in the face of a legal issue in its entirety. This even includes not knowing what to ask his lawyer when first looking into a case. However, there are a few important questions which everyone should ask when talking to a lawyer for the first time.

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The first question is simply to ask about his actual area of focus. Many people are unaware that lawyers have a similar type of focus as medical doctors. Just as an oncologist treats cancer, so does a personal injury lawyer help treat those cases. To be sure, every lawyer has a basic level of competency in general practice. Just as a medical doctor has a basic level of understanding of the human body as a whole. But with each, a complex issue requires an equally complex focus.

Next, one should pay careful attention to the location. Just as one would want a doctor to be close at hand one will want the same from a lawyer. As such, it’s always a good idea to look for one in the same general area. So there are already a few questions one should be prepared to ask. For example, consider the case of someone in Albuquerque. He’s looking for help with a case involving personal injury but isn’t quite sure what to look for. He’d want to begin by searching for a personal injury lawyer Albuquerque NM adjacent.

It’s not enough to simply assume anything though. When looking for the personal injury lawyer Albuquerque NM adjacent he’d want to actually ask for details about his practice. This would include general familiarity with local law practices. And he would want to ask about his experience with personal injury law as well.

Next, he would do well to ask about similar cases that the lawyer might have worked with. One should keep in mind that there are areas of expertise even within a particular domain. Experience with a subdomain of a particular practice can often be quite valuable. And the same goes for experience actually winning a case. It’s important to keep in mind that law is often as much art as science. There’s quite a bit of subjectivity involved with how a judge interprets one’s case. A lawyer who’s proved his ability to win in similar cases brings quite a bit of value to the table.

Of course money factors in as well. For better or worse, it’s probably going to be what makes or breaks the case. That goes for both parties involved with the case. One needs to make sure he can actually afford the fees involved. As such he should ask what the contingency fee is. One should keep in mind that this isn’t a flat payment upfront. This is the amount paid if there is a monetary recovery for damages. One can be tempted to assume this doesn’t matter because any money is better than no money.

However, it’s important to remember that damages aren’t just a lottery. The money is typically awarded to help provide treatment and lifestyle expenses in relation to the injury. As such one needs to be sure that he can still pay medical bills and the like after contingency fees.