What Are Drunk Driving Accidents and How Serious Are They?

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The worst part of drunk driving accidents is that it’s often not just the passengers in the other car that are killed or severely injured and not usually the individual who was under the influence at the time of the crash. Drunk drivers also kill innocent bystanders. 

There are many factors that can cause a driver to be over consumed and in this case, they end up being very irresponsible drivers. The following tips will help somebody better understand how drunk driving accidents happen and what to do when this has already occurred thanks to information offered by Michigan drunk driving accident lawyers.

Why Do Drunk Driving Accidents Happen?

The majority of drunk driving accidents happen because the driver was driving while intoxicated. This means that the driver does not know the correct serving size of alcoholic drinks to consume. They also do not practice proper safety habits such as wearing seat belts while intoxicated, which makes matters even worse. 

All of these things can cause a driver to become over consumed and when they do not realize what they have done, they speed through highways thinking that they can get away with a good amount of traffic.

The Time Factor

Another major cause of drunk driving accidents is connected to the time of the accident. There are some drunk drivers who do not apply the proper procedures to avoid an accident and this causes their cars to bump into another car. For example, if a drunk driver was speeding and making an illegal left turn at an intersection, he could easily hit somebody who was in the crosswalk. 

To put it as simply as possible, many drunk driving accidents happen during the night. This in itself can make things more complicated because during the night, driving visibility is very low. Because of being focused on having fun, many people who are drunk at the time of the accident may not realize that they are actually under the influence of alcohol.

That One Extra Drink

In some cases, drunk driving accidents happen for the reason that someone decided that they would just take one extra drink. For example, if a person has several alcoholic drinks and then they go to a restaurant, they may end up getting drunk and damaging their vehicle. 

Many states have drunk driving laws that are based upon the fact that one drink can change one’s capacity to operate a vehicle.

What To Do When Involved In A Drunk Driving Accident

Even though drunk driving accidents often result in minor injuries or no injuries at all, they can result in serious injury or even death. For this reason, it is absolutely crucial that you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer when you become involved in an accident that resulted in someone getting hurt or even killed. The last thing you want to do is try to go through the legal process alone. You should let a lawyer help you get through the legal proceedings and ensure that you get what you deserve.