Taking Pictures Will Be Punished In These Countries

Unfortunately, there are several countries that prohibit tourists from taking pictures of certain areas or areas. Of course, you must comply with this prohibition completely, because the penalties are not half-hearted, ranging from having to pay a fine to having to go to jail.

So, which countries have a ban on taking pictures?

1. Japan

When you visit Japan you are not allowed to take pictures of certain shrines or statues. An example is the Genko temple and Jissoin temple. This is because the place is a sacred place for Japanese people.
In addition, there has recently been a ban on taking pictures on private streets in the Kyoto area.
Tourists often disrespect Kyoto residents by trespassing on private property to take pictures, forcing geisha and maiko to take photos together.
If you violate this rule, tourists are required to pay a fine of 10,000 yen or around Rp. 1.3 million.

2. South Korea

South Korea does have a ban on taking pictures of people without approval even in public places. This prohibition does not only apply to tourists, but also to native South Koreans. This is also the reason why all cell phone cameras manufactured in South Korea sound when taking pictures. So, if you as a tourist dare to take pictures of people in South Korea without approval, you will be fined around 10 million won up to five years in prison.

3. Amsterdam

There is a place in the Netherlands that is not allowed to be photographed, namely the Red Light District. The Red Light District is a legal prostitution area in the Netherlands. If you are determined to take pictures in that area, your camera will be confiscated and then you will be fined and jailed.

4. United States

Be careful, taking pictures of other people’s land or property without permission in the United States turns out to be a crime. This turned out to be considered a violation of other people’s privacy, so if you dare to do it you will be threatened with paying a fine and being punished according to United States government regulations.

5. North Korea

North Korea is a very strict communist country with a ban on taking photos in its territory. If you plan to visit North Korea, then you must be accompanied by a guide and must ask the guide’s permission if you want to take photos.

6. England

Actually, if you’re taking pictures in England for personal use then that’s fine. However, if it concerns commercial interests, especially in Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square, then you must comply with special regulations and seek permission from the Mayor of London.

7. United Arab Emirates

Launching from Girlsbanget.id, you are prohibited from taking photos in government buildings, bridges, and several places of Sheikhs in the United Arab Emirates. If you violate this rule, then you can be threatened with imprisonment for 1-3 months.
So, it’s a good idea to know the regulations in a country before deciding to visit that country. Of course, you also have to comply with the rules to respect the people, customs and culture of the country.